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" Impermanence is the only permanent"


LUCID GREEN is an invitation to travel in another temporal dimension, where nature reveals its strength outside but also through humans, shedding light on the essence of all things.

Jump into the dance of creation and destruction, these forces that endlessly modulate matter.


What appears to be immobile, inactive or static is deeply and eternally in motion. The form evolving relentlessly,but the essence remains the same while modulating the form.


This short dance film is the last part of the trilogy, the fruit of the collaboration between the two artists Andrew Gebrael and Joseph Gebrael.


Filmed in 2019 in Lebanon, the film only saw the light a year later, in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic, reinforcing LUCID GREEN's message of the importance of reconnecting and respecting life in all its forms and shapes.


Duration : 4 min 49

Creation in progress of a longer version suitable for the stage

lucid green laurels festivals 2.jpg


Conception / Choreography
Joseph Gebrael



Kaddish For Superman / Yom and Wonder Rabbis


Wajih Saadeh


Wajih Saadeh

Andrew Gebrae l


Artistic Support

Alina Yasmin Rittmeyer



Gebrael Company


Co-Production / Residence

Beit El Fan



Beit El Fan

Shivalaya Ashram Nepal



Awards & Projections

LIFF Lebanese Independent Film Festival 2020

Choreoscope the International Dance Film Festival of Barcelona 2020

Athens International Digital Film Festival 9th  Video Dance Award

WildDogs Intl Screen Dance Fest  Best in Category Award 2020

Rogue Dance Film Festival 2020

InShadow VoArte Film Festival 2020 / Finalist 

Studio 7 Independent Film Festival 2020

RollOut Macao Dance Film festival 2021 / Award winner 

Tanzahoi Int Dance Film Fest 2021 

Moovy Tanzfilmfestival 2021koln / Finalist

Mignolo International Screendance Festival 2022

Cinedanza Festival 2021

ZED Festival Internazionale Videodanza 2021

Festival Video[An]Danza Internacional 2023

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