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Let it all go

see what's left


Take a moment to be still / Or move less
Take a moment to be silent / Or noise less
Take a moment to be / Or do less


Accepting emptiness, silence and stillness to let something else move us, fill us and vibrate through us.


Connect with life from the inside to the outside to be able to feel and experience Inter-being.


This solo invites traditional Sufi dance (whirling Dervish) to exist in a contemporary universe.


Presented for the first time during Sobanova's Carte blanche to Pauline Journe in Paris, it was a great success with the public and professionals.


Duration: 6 min 19


Dancer / Choreographer
Joseph Gebrael



Sahalé / Djin



Pauline Yaoua Zurini



Cie Gebrael

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