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HOUWA, the "other" in Arabic, is the first collaboration between Joseph Gebrael and Andrew Gebrael.


Filmed in Lebanon in 2018, this short dance film depicts the discrimination, social injustice and racism that we witness in our modern society. So who is to blame in this chaos? Him, the other? But the other of the other is us .


The two artists seek in this trilogy to reconnect with the feeling of unity and to become aware of the illusion of separation .


Duration: 4 min 45


HOUWA is suitable for the stage and street scene with the Solo version L'ADBAHLAK .



Andrew Gebrael
Joseph Gebrael



Mercan Dede - Hayalname


Direction and Cinematography
Andrew Gebrael


Assistant Director

Wajih Saadeh


Choreographer and Interpreter

Joseph Gebrael


Voice over

Elie Hanna

Joseph Gebrael

Andrew Gebrael


Too Far Production

Gebrael Company


Co-Production / Residence

Beit El Fan



Paris ANIM, Ken Saro Wiwa

Steps Performing Arts Studio

Residence MR Arida- Batroun



Awrads & Screenings

Nazra Palestine Short Film Festival 2021

Mentor Arabia Youth Awareness Films 2021

Queer Qandi Film Festival 2020

CineDanza Festival 2nd Price  2020

Open Your Mind Dance Fest 3rd Price 2019

Batroun International Film Festival 2018

Basmeh & Zeitooneh Film Festiavl 2018

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