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It's rain that grows flowers, not thunder.

- RUMI -

The company

 Gebrael Company was created in 2020, born from the inspiration of Joseph Gebrael. Its objective is the creation and promotion of live shows and audiovisual works, but also sharing and raising awareness through educational transmission and cultural events.


Her desire is to unite and make the link between different cultures and traditions, between the spectator and the artist, between the interior and the exterior.

The company wishes to reach the general public and young public, and wishes to participate in the democratization of the performing arts by making it accessible to all social classes of the population in France and abroad.


Proud of her diverse influences, contemporary, oriental and traditional, the company erases borders and participates in the preservation of our cultural heritage by giving it a new form.


Her identity and her gestures are therefore hybrid, spiritual and artistic. Her values ​​takes shape in her creations - HOUWA , L'ADBAHLAK , LUCID GREEN , Let it all go see what's left - and through its cultural mediation .

Joseph Gebrael

Joseph Gebrael discovered dance in Lebanon at the age of 16 in Jbeil and then in Beirut with the Beirut Dance Company.

He studied fine arts and graphic design at the Lebanese University.

In 2012, he decided to settle in Paris to continue his dance training ...
He has worked with Marcial De Fonzobo, Fabio Crestal, as well as with Giuliano Peparini and Martino Mûller.

He danced with the Ifunamboli company and the Persian eye and with Otto Pichler at the Opéra National de Paris.

Since 2017, he works as a choreographic artist in the company Blanca Li at the Théâtre national de Chaillot and with the company Kafig (Mourad Merzouki). He has been an associated artist with the collective Le Facteur since 2018 and will soon start a new project with Anouk Van Dijk and Falk Richter at the Kammerspiele theater in Munich.

Besides live performance and education, filmmaking has always been in his artistic DNA and occupies an important place in his work.

Joseph has been collaborating since 2017 with music video artist and composer Andrew Gebrael.

  Partners and Support

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